Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
The following table shows some of the many features and benefits of the SCIO system.

3D Patient Interface - Many devices use resistance only.
- This is like characterizing a person by height alone.
- A holographic 3D picture tells far more.
- Electromagnetic waves are 3D.
- The Quantum uses 3 dimensional measurements.
Digital Interface- No conversion inaccuracies from digital to analogue converters.
- The picture quality is like digital TV!
Practitioner Independent - The practitioner cannot, either consciously or unconsciously, influence results.
Fast - Reactivity tested and scored in under 4 minutes.
Auto Focusing Therapy The SCIO continuously monitors the results of treatment and auto adjusts.
Portable You just need the device and a laptop, you can set up anywhere - even at an exhibition booth.
Safe- All interactions are at normal body voltage and current ranges.
- Built in built-in safety shutoffs set at very sensitive levels: it is not possible to accidentally over-treat.
Analysis Depth- High sensitivity detects even the subtlest disturbance.
- Multi-layer facility enables dysfunction unraveling.
Naturopathic - Whole person oriented. Enabling us to educate the client to take responsibility for their wellbeing.
Whole Person Focus - Communicates on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels.
Preset Programs - General and systemic.
Trinary Logic - Most computers are binary: 1 or 0.
- Quantum software is trinary.
In House - Saves time AND money