Master Frequency Cards

Master Frequency Cards are used with the Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter to create Personal NRG Cards. The Master Frequency Cards have specific Frequencies embedded in their core and will last for the entire life of the card.

There is large number of available frequencies for various uses and over 200 Master Frequency Cards available. Master Frequency Cards are only available for Quantum NRG users.  A Box set of 128 Master Frequency Cards for many conditions is included in your purchase package.

Email us at for best pricing and list of available cards.

Quantum NRG Master Frequency Cards

Master Frequency Cards are available in discounted Bulk Sets and Individually.  Our collection of cards is updated regularly.  So please ask us for our current list.

Please email us at for best pricing and latest master cards available. Or Contact Us with your enquiry.

Please note: Only Master Frequency Cards that have been Pre-formatted and calibrated to the Quantum NRG device by the manufacture using a special patented method will work and hold the frequencies charge for the life time of the card.. Substitute cards will not work or hold the frequency imprinting as they are not calibrated and formatted using manufactures special patented method.