Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter

The Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter can be described as a receiver /transmitter of frequencies. The Quantum NRG is able to imprint Personal Energy Cards that the person carries with them. The aerial system of the Quantum NRG will pick up frequencies emitted by any energy emitting device, making it the perfect complement to any client session. Should you wish to enhance your session with your client once they leave your office, you can give your client one of the Personal Energy Cards to take home with them. Isn’t that wonderful?

About The Quantum NRG

The Quantum NRG device is designed to amplify up to 10,000 times any subtle or gross energy fields and transmit these to a Personal Energy Card.

The Quantum NRG has controls on the front panel which enables the operator to vary or choose the frequency to be selected and imprinted.

The Quantum NRG has TWELVE pre-set codes on the front panel which are positive frequencies. These can be activated singularly or in multiples. These 12 frequencies may be imprinted on to a Personal Energy Card for client to take away with them.

Additional Energy Frequencies

Additional Frequencies may be added to use with the Quantum NRG device by purchasing additional Quantum Master Frequency Cards which are cards that have been Pre-imprinted with master frequencies by the manufacture.

Ariel System

The Quantum NRG also has an Aerial system which is able to be used with any external devices that emits a frequency. The Quantum NRG has the ability to transfer these frequencies onto Personal Energy Card which the person carries with them.

Many Way to Use the Cards

There are many other applications such as energizing water, energizing plants, keeping fruit and vegetables fresh etc or can even be kept under the bed or pillow for a better sleep, or to maintain the balancing stimulus while asleep.  As the uses are many, you just need to use your imagination on how they can be applied.

Even the family pet will be happy with his own card.

More Technical Info

Would you like us to send you more information of the ways the Quantum NRG cards can be used? Or perhaps you would like us to send some technical data or our extensive list of Master Frequency Cards. Contact Us with your enquiries.