Why the Quantum Centre

Our vision is our future.

The Quantum Centre Australia is a World Distributor of the SCIO and Quantum NRG Bio imprinter. The Quantum Centre have a vision – not only do we see an inevitably strong and successful future with the Worldwide movement of the SCIO phenomenon but we also see how important it is to concentrate on providing the most exceptional support services and offerings to SCIO users everywhere.

The Quantum Centre is simply a unique kind of company.

We aren’t afraid to admit when we’re wrong and to make sure we’ve satisfied the service and support you deserve. Quite frankly, you’re important to us and we’re going to make sure you experience our full commitment to your ongoing success.

We don’t watch the clock. You will come to find that The Quantum Centre is available to you for as long as it takes to assist you with your needs. Whether it be tech support or complex questions – we will fulfil our end of the support you require.

Our creative and problem solving minds are always at work. As a unit, we produce. Whether it be coming up with creative ideas on support materials, how to keep in touch with our clientele or solving service and support issues – The Quantum Centre is always moving forward.

We want to offer you as much as possible with your SCIO.

We strongly believe that ‘what you put out, you get back’. This way of thinking allows The Quantum Centre to advance forward rapidly and with ease. The following information will provide you with a little insight as to what we offer and where we’re headed:

  1. Unlimited Telephone Support – is there really any other way? We believe that this type of service is simply a given. You will be making a large purchase and you should be assured that you will receive support that is convenient and cost effective for you.
  2. Being responsible and available to you as a valued client and friend – integrity and availability are so important to each of us and we will not do business with you in any other way. We want to maintain a healthy relationship with our clients for many years to come.
  3. We are continually working towards putting together THE BEST support materials available on the market today- this facet of our business is extremely important to us and we know it will be important to you too. The Quantum Centre wants you to have exceptional materials to work with and, as you advance your career, your needs will be changing – We take your future success into account when planning our support materials.
  4. The Quantum Centre is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing comprehensive service and support to our clients, in all facets of the use, promotion, and training of the SCIO Devices and their accessories.